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If I am Reince Prebius I am praying to the god of sniveling corporate shits that this Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case crashes and burns.

You want to lose every woman who is smarter than Sarah Palin for a generation? I mean you are almost already there, but still.

You go right the fuck ahead with that, guy.

You ever heard that thing about "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"?

Wait until the aftermath of a Supreme Court ruling on behalf of Hobby Lobby and you will see exactly what "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" truly means.

Because this hair brained SCOTUS case will result in a "Stand Your Ground" kind of undefinable gray area where now not only can every corporation deny pay, benefits or just openly discriminate against their employees based on that old chestnut "Religious Freedom", but the ensuing power over-reaches by other small minded vagina hating Jesusophiles will become the next new thing.

As Armando wrote earlier today regarding the SCOTUS case

   Justice Alito made a rather stupid argument in response, saying, "[i]n all the years since the Religious Freedom Restoration Act was passed, has any litigant attempted to make these types of claims?" Justice Kagan provided the obvious retort: "[I]f Mr. Clement’s position wins the day, then courts could see 'religious objectors come out of the woodwork' to make such claims."
It will be like every day is Todd Akin day, a fresh crop of loony Right Wing court cases will flourish overnight, and it will become just another ongoing reminder that the War on Women is real and that the Republican party keeps pulling this crap in order to continue pandering to the most gullible religious white people in their slack-jawed base. Do you remember when religious freedom objections were used to justify the refusal to marry interracial couples? Peppridge Farm remembers.

More ranting below the fluffy orange throw-pillow of my angry chair.

Now, even as a man, I tire of this shit. If I had a vagina I would be spitting fucking nails. To those Americans with a vagina I would like to apologize on behalf of my NeanderCon male brethren. They don't outreach women good. One day Republican man learn talk pretty.

But until that day where the condescending Jesus-y DudeBros who run the GOP either evolve or run out of David Koch's money we are stuck with these insipid mouthbreathing corporate lackeys who must pander to backwards Christian tealibangelical preachers about free markets and Jesus and fuck you, not white straight christian agreeing with men people.

(((If that comes off as inarticulate it's because I'm trying to imitate GOP duckspeak. IT'S IN REVELATIONS, PEOPLE!)))

So yeah, between refusing to pay women what men make at the same job and all of the other Todd Akin-esque rape explanations the last thing the GOP needs is for Hobby Lobby to win this Supreme Court case. Even a "compromise" ruling by Chief Justice Roberts would be a convoluted gray area that will only lead to more GOP DudeBro Derp, and we all know where that leads.

You want to piss off every woman in America who isn't already in your Republican cult for the Determined to Vote against their own interests Fox viewer, you go right on ahead with that plan, boss. Good luck with that.

I mean, who wants to watch their party die slowly with each growing minority demographic when you can just piss off 51% of America's younger female voters all at once? Sure, the women who might vote for Victoria Jackson are on your side, but that outreach thing doesn't work when all you can do is grunt, swing a club and hope to drag any unsuspecting Millennial women back to your GOP cave.

But you go right on ahead, Mister Man. Throw some more David Koch cash down the money hole and think up a really snazzy ad campaign. Women love it when  you talk past them and tell them what they really care about. Who needs a decent paycheck when you got Jesus?

Another thing women love, being discriminated against by their overtly religious boss. Oh and women always love the party that puts them through this ridiculous shit. Having Republican DudeBros mansplain shit is a real turn on with women voters. You go right the fuck ahead with that, GOP.

I will be over here, thanking every woman who is smart enough to vote Democratic for saving America from the whacked-out nutjobs who call themselves "Republicans"

I give the remainder of my time back to the esteemed chair.

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Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Tue Mar 25, 2014 at 11:54 AM PDT.

Also republished by Sluts.

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